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Search in database RIPN
  • For data acquisition about the domain enter a domain name
    • Example: test.ru
  • For data acquisition about object enter The unique identifier (nic-handle)
    • Example 1: TEST-MNT-RIPN (The data on service of technical support)
    • Example 2: TEST-ORG-RIPN (The data on the organization)
    • Example 3: TEST-RIPN (The data on the person)
  • For data acquisition about the organization or the person enter a sample for search. Search is conducted in fields "person" and "e-mail" for the data on persons and in a field "org" for the data on the organizations.
    • Example: word1 word2 ... wordN
      Search will conduct on a pattern *word1*word2* ...*wordN*, where * - any sequence of symbols, a word - a word or the beginning of a word.

Reception of the list of the objects having the specified unique identifier (nic-handle) in a field
admin-o or

Search in database RIPN

Information search about networks, independent systems, return zones and the persons registered in database RIPE.
  • Example 1: (The data on a network)
  • Example 2: AS1234 (The data on independent system)
  • Example 3: platonov (The data on the person)
  • Example 4: AAP1-RIPE (The data on the person)
  • Example 5: 190.194.in-addr.arpa (The data on a return zone)

Search in database INTERNIC

(Domains of the top level .com, .net, .org).

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